Three days ago, illegal Israeli colonizers ambushed and assaulted a Palestinian man and his son after forcing them out of their car in Silwan town in occupied Jerusalem, causing serious wounds.

“We were driving and passed a group of about ten Israeli colonizers in Silwan,” the father, Riyad Somrain said, “We drove a short distance to find another group of about ten colonizers before both groups attacked our car, forcing us to stop.”

“They dragged my son out of the car and assaulted him, that is when I stepped out and rushed to help my son, but within seconds they hurled a stone at my face, wounding me in the eye and face.”

“It is like they are from a different universe; their violence, hatred… our lives mean nothing to them,” Riyad said. “When they pointed their guns at us, we thought that is it; they are going to kill us.”

His wife, Fida’ Somrain, said the colonizers attacked her husband and son, inflicting serious wounds to their faces, arms, and other parts of their bodies.

“My husband had a surgery in the face; the doctors placed a draining tube to remove the puss and fluids and will undergo another surgery within a few days for platinum implants in his jaw,” the wife said, “My son, Laith, suffered bleeding in the eye and fractures in the hands and will be undergoing surgery.”

The Palestinian father is still hospitalized, awaiting surgeries and essential treatment for their serious wounds.