On Monday evening, paramilitary Israeli colonizers invaded Jalboun village, northeast of Jenin, in the northern part of the occupied, before Israeli soldiers invaded it and searched homes.

Ibrahim Abu Ar-Rob, the head of Jalboun Village Council, said the paramilitary colonizers came from the Meirav illegal colony, built on stolen Palestinian lands, south of the village.

Abu Ar-Rob added that the colonizers threatened to shoot the Palestinians if they approached the wall built on their lands near the colony.

He also said that the colonizers prevented the Palestinians living in the area from leaving their homes and threatened to shoot them if they did.

Furthermore, Israeli soldiers invaded and ransacked several homes and attacked Eyad Fahmi Abu Ar-Rob.

During the home invasions, the soldiers interrogated Samia Abu Ar-Rob and Eyad Fahmi Abu Ar-Rob.

Also Monday evening, Israeli soldiers fired live rounds at several young Palestinian men, near Azzoun town, east of Qaliqlia, wounding one before abducting him.