An Israeli court, yesterday, ruled in favor of evicting a Palestinian-owned building in the Silwan neighborhood of occupied  Jerusalem and turn it over to an Israeli settler organization, according to the Wadi Hilweh Information Center.

It said that the Israeli court rejected all objections by the Dweik family, which owns the building, against a previous court ruling issued at the request of the Ateret Cohanim settlement organization, ordering the Dweik family to evacuate the building and turn over the land it is built on, to Ateret Cohanim, and giving the Palestinian family until August to comply with the eviction order.

Mazen Dweik, one of the owners, said that the building consists of five apartments on five floors where five families currently reside, noting that his grandfather bought the land on which the building was built in 1963.

The Center further stated, according to Days of Palestine, that 84 Palestinian families in Silwan have received, over past years, notices to leave the land where their homes are built and turn them over to the settler organization. The families are currently battling these orders in Israeli courts.