On Monday, occupation forces abducted at least fifty-six Palestinians, nine of whom are residents of the Gaza Strip, and injured many others, in various regions of the occupied West Bank.


On Monday morning, Israeli forces invaded the town of Qabatiya, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, storming and ransacking the home of former prisoner, Muhannad Khaled Kamil, who is injured, before abducting him.

Soldiers also invaded a number of towns and villages in the Jenin governorate, including Ya’bad, Faqoua, Jalboun, Beit Qad, and Deir Abu Daif.

West of the city, Israeli forces stormed the town of Tura al Gharbiya, invading citizens homes, and confiscated 30,000 shekels from one homes, 400 shekels, from another, in addition to seizing a cell phone from another home.

On Monday evening, Israeli forces invaded Ya’bad town, west of the city, sparking protests, while soldiers fired rubber-coated steel rounds, concussion grenades, and tear gas without causing any injuries.

It was added that Israeli forces and illegal settlers seized a Palestinian-owned home in Ya’bad three days ago and have been using its rooftop as a military observation post.

East of the city, soldiers invaded Jalboun village, triggering protests among Palestinian youths. No injuries were reported.

On Monday night, Israeli forces opened fire with live rounds at Palestinians who protested the military presence in the town of Ya’bad, west of Jenin, causing one Palestinian to sustain a minor shrapnel injury.

Soldiers stationed at the “Kufeirit”┬ámilitary roadblock, west of the city, abducted Muhammad Riyad Abu Abed when he attempted to pass through the roadblock.


On Monday night, Israeli forces shot a Palestinian young man in the lower back while he was near the Apartheid Wall, in the village of Hableh, south of Qalqilia, in the northwestern part of the occupied West Bank. The young man sustained a moderate injury and was transported to the Darwish Nazzal Hospital in Qalqilia.


At dawn on Monday, occupation soldiers invaded the town of Tel, southwest of Nablus in the northern West Bank, and abducted the young man, Asim Walid Zidan. The army fired live rounds, tear gas canisters, and concussion grenades at Palestinians who resisted the incursion, without any reports of injuries.

Soldiers also attacked Red Crescent Society ambulance crews, and detained them for a time before releasing them.

Meanwhile, Palestinians protested the army incursion into the Askar refugee camp, east of Nablus, while soldiers fired, live rounds, tear gas canisters, and concussion grenades. The army invaded and searched the homes of Suhaib Al-Badrasawi and Murad Abu Hadeeb, before abducting them.

At the same time, in the nearby Balata refugee camp, east of the city, soldiers fired live rounds, concussion grenades, and tear gas canisters at local Palestinian youths who protested the military incursion.

Soldiers shot two young men with live rounds, and proceeded to abduct Muhammad Al-Araysha after they shot him with live ammunition. A second young man who was shot was transported to hospital for medical intervention.

Southwest of Nablus, occupation forces surrounded the family home of the slain young man, Muhannad Faleh Shehadeh, in the village of Orif, southwest of Nablus.

More that twenty armored vehicles stormed the village, soldiers stormed the property, in a prelude to demolishing the family home.

Muhannad Shehadeh was killed on June 20, 2023 by an illegal Israeli colonizer after he and another young man were accused of carrying out a shooting attack at the entrance to the illegal Eli colony, north of Ramallah in the central West Bank.


In the northeastern part of the occupied West Bank, Israeli forces invaded, at dawn Monday, the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, southwest of Jericho, in addition to the city of Jericho, sparking protests among local Palestinian youths.

Soldiers fired live rounds at two young men who were in front to their homes, shooting one young in the neck and another young man in the shoulder. Both of the injured young men were transported to hospital in stable condition.

During the incursions, soldiers abducted Uday Issa Al-Saradih, Bahjat Ziyad Abdel-Jawad, Wahid Al-Madhoun, Abdel-Nasser Zarba, Muhammad Mashhour Kamal, Fawzi Awadat Al-Muqiti, and former prisoner, Youssef Abu Dahuk.


Israeli soldiers stormed the town of Beit Rima, northwest of Ramallah in the central occupied West Bank, sparking protests among Palestinian youths.

Soldiers fired live rounds, shooting one young man, and abducting two brothers, Alaa and Tariq Abdullah Al-Rimawi, Elijah Barghouti, and a Birzeit University student, Basil Barghouti, after storming and searching their homes.

In the village of Nabi Saleh, northwest of Ramallah, soldiers abducted Nasser Abdel Qader Al-Tamimi and his son, Ubadah.

In Silwad town, northeast of Ramallah, the army invaded and searched the homes of Muhammad Saleh Hamed, Shadi Raji Ayyad, and Muhammad Lutfi al-Najjar, in addition to Nabil Nidal Hammad, after assaulting him.

Later Monday, occupation forces stormed the village of Qibya, northwest of the city, and abducted the former prisoner, Shadi Nasser, Baraa Kamal Jamil, Bahaa Musa Yassin, and Nassar Imad Jamil.

On Monday night, the army invaded the Hugo Chavez Hospital in Turmus’ayyeh, northwest of Ramallah, and interrogated the hospital staff.


In occupied Jerusalem, Israeli forces stormed Silwan town south of Al-Aqsa Mosque and abducted Muhammad Iskafi and Moatasem Abu Tayeh.

In Abu Dis town, east of occupied Jerusalem soldiers abducted Abdel Qader Jamal Al-Nawafleh and Qusay Adnan Mutair.

Israeli soldiers abducted three brothers, Jamil, Rami, and Moein Al-Faqih, from the town of Qatanna, northwest of the occupied city, after breaking into and searching their homes.


On Monday morning, the Israeli army closed the entrance to the town of Tuqu’, southeast of Bethlehem in the southern occupied West Bank, while the other three entrances have been closed since October 7, 2023.

In the evening, soldiers invaded Tuqu’ town, triggering protests among Palestinian youths, while the army opened fire with live rounds, concussion grenades, and tear gas canisters, without any reports of injuries.

Soldiers abducted Issam Musa Al-Amour, 45, while he was working inside his grocery store.

West of Bethlehem, Israeli forces stormed, on Monday evening, the town of Husan, leading to protests. Soldiers fired live rounds, and tear gas canisters at the youths who resisted the incursion, causing several of them to sustain inhalation injuries.

Furthermore, after detaining and brutally assaulting Musa Ismail Shusha, soldiers occupied the rooftop to his home and used it as a military observation point.


In the predawn hours of Monday, the Israeli army shot and injured two Palestinian young men in Yatta town, south of Hebron in the southern West Bank.

Soldiers invaded the town, which led to protests, while soldiers opened fire with live rounds, shooting two young men in their feet. After storming and searching a number of homes, soldiers abducted Amir Musa Makhamreh.

In the city of Hebron, Israeli forces abducted Ismail Banat, 52, and Ayman Banat, 45, in addition to nine workers from Gaza, all members of the Banat family. Soldiers brutally assaulted a number of the family members, one of whom live streamed the assault.

Southwest of the city, soldiers abducted Izz Muhammad Al-Ukaimi, Yasser Riyad Masalma, Muhammad Nidal Masalma, Salman Khader Masalma, Ibrahim Awad Masalma, and Maher Nizar Al-Suwaiti, from Beit Awa town, after invading and searching their homes.