Updated: Three young men were killed by a missile fired by the Israeli occupation forces from a drone Tuesday before dawn, bringing the number of Palestinians killed in the West Bank late Monday night and Tuesday to eight. Israel has now killed 180 Palestinians and injured 2700 in the West Bank since October 7th.  More than 11320, including 4650 children and 3145 women. Among the dead are at least 578 seniors and 198 medical workers, including Doctors, nurses, and medics, in addition to 22 Civil Defense workers and fifty-one journalists.

The slain Palestinians, killed by Israeli fire and missiles in Tulkarem late Monday and on Tuesday, have been identified as:

  1. Walid Mseaey, 26.
  2. Mahmoud Ali Hadayda, 25.
  3. Hazem Mohammad Hosary, 28.
  4. Mos’ab Omar Ahmad Al-Ghoul, 21.
  5. Jihad Khaled Ghanem, 25.
  6. Sa’id Suleiman Yousef Abu Tahoun, 32.
  7. Abdul-Rahman Maarik Jarban, 33.

The three killed by the drone missile in Tulkarem were identified as Sa’id Salman Youssef Abu Tahoun (32 years old), Jihad Khaled Moqbel Ghanem (25 years old), and Mos’ab Omar Ahmad Al-Ghoul (21 years old).

Earlier Tuesday morning, two young men were killed during the Israeli occupation forces’ storming of Tulkarem camp.

Abdul-Rahman Maarik Jarban

The Ministry of Health reported that the two young men, Mahmoud Ali Hadayda (25 years old) and Hazem Mohammad Al-Hosari (28 years old), were both shot in the chest with direct hits fired by Israeli occupation soldiers during the Israeli invasion of Tulkarem.

Also killed in Tulkarem Tuesday was Abdul-Rahman Maarik Jarban, 33, who was killed by Israeli occupation bullets.

During the ongoing aggression against Tulkarem camp, four young men were injured by Israeli occupation sniper bullets deployed on the roofs of houses and buildings, while a group of young men were bombed while they were in the Al-Ghanem neighborhood in the camp with a missile from a drone, causing the death of three young men and the injury of three others.

The Israeli occupation forces initially prevented ambulances from entering the camp and intercepted them and obstructed their work by stopping them and carefully inspecting them before they were able to reach the wounded and transport them to the hospital.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested the injured Palestinian youth Medhat Abu Amsha from the ambulance while he was being transported to the hospital.

A bulldozer destroyed The Schools Street at the entrance to the camp, and destroyed its infrastructure, while the Israeli occupation forces stormed several citizens’ homes in the area and climbed onto their roofs, firing bullets at everything moving.

The Israeli occupation bulldozer also destroyed part of Al-Quds Open University Street in the city, which is near the camp.

The Israeli occupation forces besieged Tulkarem camp by deploying their mobile patrols at all its entrances, in addition to the neighborhoods of Tulkarem city leading to the camp, specifically Nablus Street, Al-Maslakh Street, the eastern and northern neighborhoods, Al-Muqata’a Street, Al-Quds Open University Street, Shweika and Ektaba roundabouts, and the outskirts of the Thanaba suburb adjacent to the camp .

Israeli armored bulldozers damaged dozens of Palestinian cars, in addition to many cars that were burnt in the refugee camp and the adjacent Nablus Street.

The invading armored bulldozers and vehicles also caused damage to destruction to several shops, in addition to damage caused by missiles fired from armed military drones.

The army also fired a barrage of gas bombs at homes and buildings, and at the Thabet Thabet governmental hospital, causing dozens of Palestinians, including patients, to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

This is the second incursion into the camp within a week, which witnessed the assassination of four young men by special forces, the wounding of six citizens, and the destruction of the infrastructure of its streets and alleys.

The national and Islamic forces in Tulkarem mourned the five killed and announced a comprehensive strike tomorrow, Tuesday, for all aspects of life, “to mourn the souls of the martyrs and to denounce the crimes and massacres of the occupation.”

The death toll in Tulkarem Governorate’s martyrs since the start of the Israeli aggression on the seventh of last October rises to 30 Palestinians killed.

In related news, a young Palestinian man, Yamen Kamel Atiq, from Jenin city’s Eastern Neighborhood, in the northern West Bank, has scummed to serious wounds he suffered after Israeli soldiers shot him after the army invaded Jenin on October 29.

On Tuesday morning, a young man died of wounds sustained earlier the same night when he was shot by the Israeli occupation forces, near the town of Beit Einoun, northeast of Hebron in the occupied West Bank’s southern part.

Last night, the occupation forces shot the young man, Mohammad Abdul-Majid Halayqa (20 years old), from the town of Shiokh, while he was near the entrance to the town of Beit Einoun.

Israeli forces alleged that the young man had a knife. After shooting him multiple times, they left him bleeding on the ground and refused ambulances trying to reach him. The soldiers instead let him bleed to death on the ground. The alleged knife was never found.

Mohammad Abdul-Majid Halayqa

These nightly invasions of Palestinian towns and villages happen every night since the second intifada (Palestinian uprising) against the Israeli military occupation of their land began in 2000 – prior to that, there were raids by Israeli forces, but they were less frequent.

Israel now has killed 180 Palestinians and injured 2700 in the West Bank since October 7th, the number of in the Tulkarem governorate alone is now thirty.

On Tuesday evening, the Palestinian Health Ministry said the number of Palestinians, killing by Israeli missiles ad shells since October 7, in the ongoing Israeli offensive in Gaza, is now more than 11320, including 4650 children and 3145 women. Among the dead are at least 578 seniors, and 198 medical workers, including Doctors, nurses, and medics, in addition to 22 Civil Defense workers and fifty-one journalists.

There are at least 3600 missing Palestinians, including 1755 children, who remain buried under the rubble of bombarded homes and buildings, while the constant Israeli bombing, the lack of fuel and equipment, and the massive destruction in Gaza is making rescue efforts extremely difficult, and even impossible in areas that are subject to intensive Israeli bombing.

The number of wounded Palestinians in Gaza is more than 29000, more than %70 of them are women and children.


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