Israeli occupation forces invaded, on Sunday evening, Jalboun village, east of Jenin, in the northern occupied West Bank, sparking protests among local Palestinian youths.

According to Ibrahim Abu Al-Rub, the head of the Jalboun village council, Israeli soldiers stormed the village, and fired concussion grenades and tear gas canisters at Palestinians who protested the incursion. No injuries were reported.

The army infiltrated the villages of Faqqu’a, northeast of Jenin, Beit Abu Da’if, and Beit Qad to the east of the city, in addition to the villages of Araqah, Tura, and Nazlet Zaid to the west.

In related news, Israeli forces, for the second time in one week, occupied, on Sunday, the rooftop of a Palestinian-owned home, in the village of Jalboun, using it as a military observation tower.

Sources said that occupation forces invaded the two-storey home belonging to Khaled Abu Al-Rub, and took over the rooftop, using it as a military post, and raising an occupation flag.