The Israeli authorities destroyed a wedding hall, Sunday, in the Arab town of Tira, adjacent the green line, in central Israel, the Palestinian WAFA News Agency reported.

The Raghadan Wedding hall was allegedly lacking an Israeli permit to build, the standard pretext used by the Israeli state.

A large Israeli police force accompanied bulldozers, in the early morning hours, and proceeded to storm the town, block off the perimeter, and demolished the Arab Wedding hall.

Confrontations broke out between the Israeli army and youths who protested the demolition.

The police fired rubber-coated steel rounds and tear-gas at the youths, causing many to suffer the toxic effects of tear-gas inhalation.

Three citizens, including the owner of the hall, were reported to be wounded, and two youths were detained, while many vehicles, were damaged by tear-gas canisters fired by the police, Arab48 reported.

It added that in June 2019, the District Court in Lod ordered a temporary freeze on the demolition of the hall.


~ WAFA, Arab48