Israeli occupation forces, on Monday, stopped work on a project to reclaim and rehabilitate lands and pave agricultural roads in the village of Al-Mughayyir, east of Ramallah, under the pretext that the area is classified as Area C, under full Israeli administrative and military control.

The project supervisor, Engineer Fajer ‘Atawneh, told WAFA news agency that an Israeli military crew stormed the area where the land is being reclaimed, forcing project workers to halt activities before seizing heavy machinery that was engaged in the opening of two kilometers of agricultural roads and the rehabilitation of 70 dunams of the village’s land.

He said that the roads were part of a project implemented by the Agricultural Development Society – Palestinian Agricultural Relief – for the rehabilitation of around 400 dunams of land and the construction of agricultural roads. The project aims at serving farmers and enhancing their resilience in areas most affected by the presence of the occupation, in villages to the northeast of Jerusalem and in the village of Al-Mughayyir.

Director of Land Development at the society, Muqbel Abu Jaish, called on all relevant governmental and human rights institutions to pressure the Israeli occupation to stop such violations against Palestinians residents’ land, and to halt all settlement activities and the seizure of land, in accordance with international resolutions.

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