On Wednesday, the Israeli military invaded two Palestinian villages east of Salfit in the north-central West Bank and used armored bulldozers to raze large tracts of Palestinian-owned land.

The troops destroyed Palestinian-owned land in Iskaka and Yasuf villages, east of the Palestinian city of Salfit, according to local sources.

According to the Palestinian News Agency Wafa, the Head of Iskaka Village Council Fawzi Lami told them that Israeli forces accompanied bulldozers to the eastern area of the village, known as Khallet Ghanayem.

Upon arrival there, the bulldozers leveled the land to make room for the expansion of the nearby colonial settlement outpost of Nofei Nehemia, built on land confiscated from the village.

The area east of Salfit has been a hotbed of Israeli expansion, with six major Israeli colonies surrounding the Palestinian villages there.

All of the Israeli colonies are constructed on illegally-seized Palestinian land, and are constructed in direct and flagrant violation of international law.