Israeli forces, shot dead, on Tuesday, three Palestinian young men after an exchange of fire in the northern occupied West Bank city of Nablus, the Ministry of Health confirmed.

On Tuesday morning, three Palestinian young men were present in a vehicle, parked at the entrance to Jabal Gerizim (Mount Gerizim), south of Nablus.

The army claimed that one young man exited the vehicle and allegedly opened fire at soldiers who were stationed in the area.

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Occupation forces opened heavy fire at the vehicle, killing all three occupants. No injuries were reported among the army.

Hebrew channel Kan claimed that the slain young men had “opened fire at a military force in the area, which in turn responded with fire and killed those inside, while M-16 rifles were found inside the vehicle.”

The Palestinian Civil Affairs Authority informed the Ministry of Health of the death of the three young men who were identified as Noureddine Tayseer Al-Ardah, 32, Montaser Bahjat Ali Salama, 33, and Saad Maher Al-Kharraz, 43.

Security sources said that occupation forces denied ambulance crews and journalists access to the scene, and eyewitnesses said that the army deliberately destroyed the surveillance cameras in the area.

In a statement, the army claimed that all three men were armed, and alleged that there were three M16 rifles, a pistol, cartridges and other equipment found in the car.

Soldiers closed the iron gate at the entrance to Mount Gerizim, for a number of hours, preventing citizens from entering or leaving.

It was added that soldiers confiscated the bodies of the slain men, in addition to their vehicle.

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