The Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem, Tuesday, forced a Palestinian family to demolish their five shops in Jabal al-Mokkaber, south east of Occupied Jerusalem, in the central West Bank, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

Abed Sarry, one of the shop owners, said the Israeli municipality ordered he and his family demolish their five shops, from which they earn their income, under the pretext of the lack of building permit, although the family has attempted to obtain a building license for a decade, with no success.

Sarry added that the family built the shops four years ago, after several attempts to obtain the license failed, noting that they were fined 60,000 shekels ($17,687 USD), which he said, they are currently paying to the municipality in instalments.

He also mentioned that the municipality forced the family to demolish the shops itself, or the municipality crews would knock them down and threatened to charge them 70,000 shekels ($20,634 USD) in demolition costs.

In related news, Israeli occupation authorities, Monday, issued demolition orders against several structures in the village of Kisan, east of Bethlehem city, in the southern occupied West Bank, local sources reported.

Ahmad Ghazal, deputy head of Kisan village council, told Palestinian WAFA News Agency that occupation soldiers informed Mahmoud Ibayyat of their plan to raze his two shacks, which he uses as shelter for livestock, as well as a tent, adding that Ibayyat was told he has 20 days to evacuate the area, or the army will proceed with the demolition and seize everything.