The Israeli Navy attacked, on Saturday, Palestinian fishermen while they were sailing off the northern coast of the besieged Gaza Strip, injuring two.

The Navy opened fire at Palestinian fishermen, on Friday afternoon, shooting and wounding two fishermen while they were sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, off the northern coast of Gaza.

In the “Al-Sudaniyya” area, northwest of Gaza City in northern Gaza, Israeli warships fired rubber-coated steel rounds at Palestinian fishermen, injuring two.

The two injured fishermen, Atef Muhammad Bakr and Mahmoud Saed Bakr, were transported to hospital for medical treatment.

On a regular basis, the Israeli Navy harasses, chases, and opens fire at Palestinian fishermen while they are sailing of the coast of the Gaza Strip within the permitted areas dictated by the occupation authorities.

The Israeli occupation authorities have maintained a strict blockade of the air, land, and sea, since 2007, which is the cause of the humanitarian crisis that plagues the Gaza Strip.