The Israeli police on Friday abducted two young Palestinian men, and confiscated the car of one of them for the ‘crime’ of organizing a Palestinian Marathon in occupied Jerusalem to counter the Marathon the City Council is holding for Israeli colonizers and internationals.

The WAFA Palestinian News Agency said hundreds of soldiers and police officers had deployed in the occupied city on Friday, and closed many main roads, west and east of the city, to prepare for a Marathon.

The Palestinians protested the Israeli marathon because Jerusalem is an occupied city, and such events are only meant to strengthen and normalize the illegal occupation. They decided to organize their own event, but the police prevented them.

The police also abducted nonviolent activist, Mohammad Abu al-Hummus, after assaulting him on Nablus Street near Damascus Gate, and confiscated his car along with the Palestinian flags and athletes’ outfits he was transporting. They also abducted Fadi al-Mitwer.

The police and soldiers attacked many Palestinians, who had planned to participate in the Palestinian marathon.