Israeli settlers invade Burin (archive image - from Wafa)

On Saturday, in the northern part of the West Bank near Nablus, a gang of armed Israeli paramilitary colonial settlers from the illegal colony “Givat Ronin” attacked Palestinian homes on the edge of the village Burin.

The paramilitary settlers managed to demolish a Palestinian home under construction before local villagers arrived on the scene and confronted them.

The Palestinian villagers shouted and used stones to try to force the invaders out, and to stop them from damaging any more Palestinian property.

But the settlers continued to attack the Palestinians and their homes. A squadron of Israeli soldiers arrived on the scene and joined the paramilitary settlers in attacking the Palestinians.

According to local activist Ghassan Daghlas, the Israeli troops fired live ammunition and tear gas at the villagers. One Palestinian youth was shot in the leg with an Israeli bullet, and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Israeli paramilitary settlers from Givat Ronin have attacked the village of Burin on numerous occasions in the past, usually defacing and damaging Palestinian property, burning Palestinian olive groves, and physically assaulting Palestinian residents.

In October of 2020, during the height of the Palestinian olive harvest season, a similar invasion took place by paramilitary settlers from the Givat Ronin settlement, also protected by the Israeli military.