Illegal Israeli colonists erected, on Tuesday, tents on Palestinian-owned land in the Hebron governorate, while occupation forces assaulted the residents who tried to protect their lands, local sources reported.

North of Hebron, in the southern occupied West Bank, illegal Israeli colonizers erected tents on Palestinian-owned lands in the “Khirbet al-Qat” area, north of the town of Halhul.

The land is near the illegal “Karmei Zur” settlement, built on expropriated Palestinian lands of Halhul town.

Sources reported that the owners of the land, the Aqel family, gathered in the area to defend their land and stop the illegal takeover by settlers.

The occupation army provided full security for the illegal settlers who attacked the family, and subsequently assaulted the family and other citizens who resisted the attack.

The illegal settlers with the full cooperation of the army, carry out these acts with the intent of expropriating Palestinian-owned lands.

The Israeli settlers intent to take over the land for the expansion of existing colonies, to the detriment of the indigenous Palestinian population.