Israeli settlers, on Wednesday, placed a fence around a privately-owned Palestinian land in the town of Beit Ummar, in the Hebron Governorate, southern occupied West Bank, in an effort to take it over, said activist Mohammad Awad.

He told WAFA Palestinian News Agency that illegal colonial settlers, under Israeli military protection, placed the fence around a 12-dunam plot of land, owned by Saqer Abu Ayyash, planted with almonds, grape vines, olive trees and forest trees.

He said Abu Ayyash has fought a 20-year legal battle against the settlers to prove his ownership of the plot by presenting land deeds proving ownership.

“They came back today and placed a fence around the land and when I showed up to stop them, they said I should go to the (Israeli military) Civil Administration and ask them about the land,” said Abu Ayyash.