Illegal Israeli settlers, on Saturday, attacked Palestinian shepherds and chopped down olive trees in Masafer Yatta in the southern occupied West Bank, while others set up a mobile home on Palestinian-owned land in Beita town in the north, Palestinian WAFA News Agency.

In Masafer Yatta, Israeli colonialists from the illegal Maon settlement, attacked shepherds as they were grazing their sheep in the fields, forcing them to leave the area, according to local activist, Fouad al-Imour.

Al-Imour added that more illegal settlers from the Mitpze Yair and Susyia settlements, built on expropriated Palestinian land in Masafer Yatta, cut hundreds of olive trees in the area.

In the northern West Bank, settlers set up a mobile home on Palestinian land in the town of Beita, southeast if Nablus, near the illegal 777 settlement.

Israeli colonialist settlers, on Friday morning, invaded al-Walaja village, northwest of Bethlehem City, in the southern occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

The group of Israeli settlers, protected by Israeli soldiers, stormed al-Walaja village, roamed its streets, and inspected Palestinian-owned lands under threat of confiscation by the occupation state, for the construction of illegal settler outposts.

Ibrahim Awadallah, a local activist told WAFA that groups of Israeli settlers, under military protection, barged their way into the village, and toured the Rweisat Mount and a local water spring, adding that both the mount and the water spring are at risk of seizure, pointing out that the Israeli authorities posted a military order to expropriate the water spring five years ago.