Israeli soldiers abducted, on Thursday at dawn, at least fifteen Palestinians from several parts of the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem.

The soldiers invaded and searched Palestinian homes in Jerusalem’s Old City, and abducted a former political prisoner, identified as Nihad Zghayyar.

The soldiers also stopped many Palestinian buses transporting dozens of residents to the Al-Aqsa Mosque four dawn prayers, and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

In Hebron, in southern West Bank, the soldiers stormed and ransacked many homes in the al-‘Arroub refugee camp and abducted eight Palestinians, identified as Emad Abu Sharar, his son Ahmad, Ibrahim Mahfouth, his son Adam, Ahmad Rafat Badawi, Qussai Khaled Badawi, Ahmad Rafat at-Teety and Ahmad Tafesh.

In Ramallah, in central West Bank, the soldiers abducted a young man, after invading his home in the at-Tira neighborhood.

The soldiers also invaded the town of Ein Qiniya, Qibya, Shuqba, Taybeh, and Deir Dibwan, leading to protests.

In Nablus, in northern West Bank, the soldiers invaded and searched many homes before abducting Adel Qronfola, in addition to a Palestinian intelligence officer, identified as Hamed Sarrawi and a National Security officer, identified as Majed Abu Sharar.

Furthermore, the soldiers invaded Ya’bad town, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, before storming and searching many homes and shops in the western part of the town, and confiscated surveillance recordings.

Also in Jenin, undercover Israeli soldiers ambushed a young Palestinian man at the western entrance of Qabatia town, south of the city, and tried to kidnap him but he managed to escape.

In Bethlehem governorate, south of Jerusalem, the soldiers invaded Beit Sahour city and abducted Omar Abu Rateb and Yousef Hussein Shomali, 23, from their homes.

Several army jeeps also invaded the Abu Njeim area, in Bethlehem, and searched the home of Mousa Ibrahim Hreimi.

On Thursday morning, illegal Israeli colonizers invaded the Khallet Makhoul area, in the West Bank’s Northern Plains and chased several Palestinian shepherds to force them out of grazing lands.