On Tuesday dawn, Israeli soldiers abducted at least sixteen Palestinians from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank.

In Jenin, in the northern West Bank, the soldiers invaded Qabatia town, south of the city, leading to protests, and fired live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets, and gas bombs.

During the invasion, the soldiers occupied rooftops of homes and buildings, stormed shops and homes before ransacking them, and abducted Omar Hamza Assaf and As’ad Ismael Abu Ar-Rob. It is worth mentioning that the soldiers abducted As’ad to pressure his brother Mohammad to surrender to the army.

Many army jeeps invaded the eastern area of Tulkarem city, in the northwestern West Bank, leading to protests, and fired many live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets, and gas bombs.

The soldiers invaded Beit Fajjar town, south of Bethlehem, searched homes, and abducted Jawad Mahmoud Taqatqa, 33, after storming his home and ransacking home, and summoned for interrogation Khaled Tanouh from Tuqu’ town, southeast of Bethlehem.

Protests also occurred after several army jeeps invaded Tammoun town, south of Tubas, in the northeastern West Bank.

The abducted Palestinians have been identified as:

  1. Ali Aisha – Al-Isawiya, Jerusalem.
  2. Zein Mhanna – Al-Isawiya, Jerusalem.
  3. Yazan Salimi – Al-Isawiya, Jerusalem.
  4. Mohammad Raed Ar-Reesha – Nablus.
  5. Qassem Qadah (Najah University student) – Nablus.
  6. Ibrahim Dweikat (Najah University student) – Nablus.
  7. Ahmad Ghassan (Najah University student) – Nablus.
  8. Suleiman Qatanani, Askar refugee camp – Nablus.
  9. Khaled Emad Bani Odah, Tammoun – Tubas.
  10. Eyad Abu Salah, Tulkarem.
  11. Jawad Mahmoud Taqatqa, Beit Fajjar – Bethlehem.
  12. Adel Issa Taqatqa, Beit Fajjar – Bethlehem.
  13. Ali Issa Taqatqa, Beit Fajjar – Bethlehem.
  14. Omar Hamza Assaf, Qabatia – Jenin.
  15. As’ad Ismael Abu Ar-Rob, Qabatia – Jenin.
  16. Omar Abu Salah, Tulkarem.