Israeli soldiers closed, on Thursday evening, Beit Iksa military roadblock, northwest of occupied East Jerusalem, stopped and searched many vehicles, and detained passengers in three buses, mainly women, for several hours.

The soldiers, stationed at the permanent military roadblock, on the main entrance of Beit Iksa village, decided to close the roadblock, without providing any reason for this act, and started searching cars and interrogating passengers, while inspecting their ID cards.

The soldiers also stopped and searched three buses, loaded with dozens of Palestinians, mainly women and children, and refused to allow them through for several hours.

Mohammad Abdul-Aziz Awad, a member of Beit Iksa Local Council, said dozens of Palestinians headed to the roadblock demanding the soldiers to allow the buses through, and to stop the provocative searches, and measures.

Awad added that the soldiers frequently try to humiliate the Palestinians, especially young men, and women, and prevent those, who are not from the village, from entering it.

He called on legal and human rights groups to intervene and pressure Israel into stopping its illegal measures, and provocative acts, against the villagers.

It is worth mentioning that Beit Iksa village is inhabited by approximately 2000 Palestinians.