On Sunday evening, Israeli soldiers invaded the Al-Qibli Mosque in the Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound in occupied Jerusalem to facilitate invasions by groups of illegal colonizers into the holy site.

Media sources said the soldiers assaulted and forced dozens of worshipers out of the mosque and threatened to abduct and even shoot those who refuse to leave.

The sources stated that the invasions came after groups of extreme right-wing colonizers called for constant invasions of Al-Aqsa during the Jewish Pesach and for forcing the Muslim worshipers out.

In related news, the Israeli army and the security establishment of the illegal occupation declared a comprehensive closure on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, including all military roadblocks and border terminals during the upcoming Jewish holiday.

It is worth mentioning that far-right colonialist organizations announced a 25.000 Shekels prize to any settler who manages to enter Al-Aqsa and successfully performs a Paschal lamb sacrifice in the courtyards of the holy site and a 2500 Shekel to each member who is arrested by the Israeli police while carrying the animal sacrifice in Al-Aqsa.