Israeli soldiers killed, on Tuesday evening, three young Palestinian men near the perimeter fence, in central Gaza, after the army alleged they breached the fence and hurled grenades.

The army claimed that the three managed to breach the fence and advanced approximately 400 meters, before they hurled a grenade, or an explosive, at a military post.

According to the army, the soldiers fired many live rounds, and shells, at the three Palestinians, leading to their death.

Palestinians in Gaza said the soldiers executed the three Palestinians, and were not in any danger, especially since they ordered them to remove their clothes before killing them, the Maan News Agency has reported.

The three slain Palestinians have been identified as Mohammad Hani Abu Mandeel, 18, Salem Zuweid an-Na’ami, 18, and Mahmoud Khaled Sa’id, 18. The three are from Central Gaza. The three were from al-Maghazi Central Gaza.

The corpses of the three Palestinians remain held by the army.