On Friday morning, Israeli soldiers photographed residential and agricultural sheds and tractors in the Al-Farisiyya Bedouin village in the Northern Plans of the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank, and

Media sources said the soldiers used surveillance drones to take pictures of all structures, residential and agricultural sheds, tractors, and other vehicles.

They added that the incident raised fears among the Palestinians of impending demolitions, displacement, and illegal annexing of their lands.

In April of this year, the so-called “Regional Council of Settlements” started bulldozing Palestinian lands near the resident’s tents and sheds, while the army also started confiscating agricultural tractors and tools to force the Palestinians out.

The colonizers are preparing for a new illegal colonialist outpost on the stolen Palestinian lands in Khirbat al-Farisiyya.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli army initially declared the lands a “closed military zone,” preventing the Palestinians from entering them while allowing the colonizers to enter them to establish their outpost.