On Monday, undercover Israeli soldiers infiltrated the city of Tulkarem in the northwestern part of the occupied West Bank and carried before ambushing and assassinating four young Palestinian men.

Special forces stormed the city in a civilian vehicle with a Palestinian license plate and intercepted a vehicle carrying four Palestinian young men in the eastern neighborhood of the city.

Rather than stopping the vehicle and identifying or arresting the young men in the vehicle, the soldiers fired dozens of live rounds at the car from a short distance, executing all four young men inside the vehicle and injuring a 14-year-old child who was crossing the street near the scene.

The slain young men were identified as Jihad Maharaj Ibrahim Shehada, 22, Ezzeddin Raed Hussein Awwad, 25, Qassem Mohammad Rajab, 20, and Mo’men Saed Mahmoud Bal’awi, 20.

Even after shooting and killing them, the soldiers went to the stopped vehicle, opened its doors, and fired several live rounds at them to confirm their deaths.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the child is in stable condition after he sustained injuries from a live round, inflicted on him by Israeli forces.

After the four young men’s execution by the undercover Israeli soldiers, all national and Islamic factions in Tulkarem declared a comprehensive strike on Tuesday to mourn them.

[Video from Palestine TV]

With the death of the four young men, the total number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army on Monday, has increased to six, and the death toll in the West Bank since October 7, has increased to 162.

Mos’ab Mojahed Kamel Al-Matari

Late Monday night, the soldiers killed Mos’ab Mojahed Kamel Al-Matari, 19, and injured another near Beit Anan town, northeast of the occupied capital, Jerusalem, in the West Bank.

Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Atrash

Earlier Monday, Israeli forces killed Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Atrash, 20, in the town of Halhoul, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, shooting him with live rounds, in addition to shooting and injuring five others, including 3 seriously.

Also on Monday, occupation forces killed the Palestinian child, Mohammad Omar Al-Froukh, 16, after it was alleged that he stabbed two Israeli Border police officers in occupied Jerusalem.

Mohammad Al-Froukh

Israeli soldiers have killed 162 Palestinians, including children, in several parts of the occupied West Bank since October 7th.

In the Gaza Strip, Dr. Ashraf Al-Qedra, the spokesperson of the Palestinian Health Ministry, Israeli missiles and shells have killed 10.000 Palestinians, and injured more than 22.000, adding that at least %70 of the casualties are thousands of infants, children, and women.