Israeli troops in a night raid in the West Bank (archive image)

In the early morning hours on Wednesday, Israeli forces conducted their daily raids of West Bank towns and villages, aimed in part at keeping the Palestinians living under the Israeli military occupation in a state of terror and uncertainty.

Local sources reported that in Ya’bad, south of Jenin, Palestinian youth who emerged from their homes to defend their village from the invading army by throwing stones were met by an onslaught of tear gas, which entered the windows of homes where families were sleeping and caused dozens of people to require treatment for tear gas inhalation. The invading Israeli soldiers also fired sound grenades, provoking terror among the families in the neighborhood.

Israeli forces abducted 11 Palestinians from the town of Ya’bad, southwest of Jenin in the northern West Bank. They have been identified as Majd Abdel Rahman Ba’jawi, Muhammad Issa Ba’jawi, Amir Kamel Atatreh, Ali Ba’jawi, Hadi Bilal Zaid al-Kilani, Naseem Muhammad Saeed Qabha, Nassim Muhannad Amarneh, Muhammad Maher Abu Bakr and Nizar Hamrasha, Ahmed Ezz El-Din Amarneh, and Jaafar Youssef Abadi.

In addition to abducting these men, the invading Israeli troops also ransacked and searched their homes.

The Israeli army also carried out a campaign of home abductions in the town of Tuqu’, east of Bethlehem, abducting 22 Palestinians. The abducted Palestinians were identified as: two brothers Suleiman Khaled al-Amour (25 years) and Ahmad (23 years old), Sufian Odallah al-Amour (25 years), two brothers Mohammad Imad al-Amour (29 years) and Khalil (26 years), and Baraa Raed al-Amour (25 years), and the two brothers Anas Adel Al-Amour (30 years), Mohammad (31 years), Mahmoud Ali Al-Amour (24 years), Mahmoud Deeb Al-Amour (19 years), Moamen Ratib Al-Amour (21 years), Talal Issa Al-Amour (47 years), and his son Sanad (18 years), Mohammad Riyad Al-Amour (21 years), brothers Baha Khaled Al-Badan (24 years) and Hussein (22 years), Khalil Daoud Abu Mufreh (30 years), Wajdi Samer Al-Badan (17 years), Riyad Imad Al-Badan (22 years), and Ibrahim Fouad Al-Sabah (25 years), Mohammad Suleiman Al-Shaer (23 years), and Musa Muhammad Al-Amour (22 years).

In Beit Sira, Israeli forces abducted two former political prisoners, Hamza Awad from Kobar, and Ali Munir Hamdan from Beit Sira, after the soldiers raided and searched their homes.

From Nablus, Israeli forces abducted Walid Abu Lail from Rafidia neighborhood, and the former prisoner Othman Al Khalili from Al-Dahiya neighborhood in the city.

From Tulkarem, Israeli forces abducted one young man, Mohammad Sareeh Hassan Mahamid (38 years), from the suburb of Iktaba, east of the city, after they raided and searched his house.

Israeli forces conduct pre-dawn raids throughout the West Bank on a daily basis, in direct violation of international law and Israel’s obligations as an occupying military force under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Israeli military forces have occupied the West Bank, Gaza Strip, the city of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights since 1967 and forced the indigenous population of these areas to live under martial law since that time. This is the longest-standing military occupation on earth, and is in direct violation of international law.