Israeli troops reportedly removed by force, a number of Palestinian-owned vegetable stands, early on Monday, in the Al-Aghwar area of the Jordan Valley, eastern West Bank.

Local Palestinian sources in agriculture-rich Ein Albayda’ and Bardala villages of Al-Aghwar, said that an Israeli army force broke into Al-Aghwar and began removing five produce stands, owned by local Palestinians.

The sources added that such an action was unjustified and that it has caused the owners a great deal of financial losses, as families rely on the income they earn from selling produce.

Over the past several weeks, Israeli troops have reportedly stepped up their assaults on Palestinian-owned properties in the Al-Aghwar area. Among those properties were green houses and water wells.

Recently, Israeli leaders have signalled Israel’s intention to annex the Al-Aghwar area, among other areas to the Israeli occupation state.

The Jordan Valley is considered some of the most fertile agricultural land, providing produce for the Palestinian population.

Image: Getty