Israeli occupation authorities, on Tuesday, issued a decision to expropriate hundreds of agriculture lands in the Jordan valley, to the east of occupied Jerusalem.

The activist Aref Daraghma stated, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, that Israeli occupation authorities issued military orders to put hands on about 384 dunams, in the villages of Tayasir, Tamun and Tubas.

Such an act reflects a dangerous policy that threatens thousands of dunams of Palestinian agriculture lands, depriving their owners from access to it. The Israeli army threw notices in the area and banned Palestinians from accessing it, and, consequently, expropriating them under previous notification.

Daraghma called on human rights institutions  to support the residents of the Jordan valley, in order to protect these lands.

It is worth mentioning that international and humanitarian institutions consider the Israeli occupation’s persisting policy of targeting Palestinians in the Jordan valley, whether by confiscations, demolitions or evictions, under the pretext of military exercises, are part of targeting the region and pressuring its inhabitants to evacuate it as a vital and strategic area, on the agricultural and military levels.