Settlement construction - archive image

On Wednesday morning, the Israeli company “Kelvon” began installing mobile homes at the work site of the new “Amihai” settlement, on the lands of Jalud village, in Nablus governorate.

Ghassan Douglass, who is responsible for the settlement files in the northern West Bank,  said that the southern area of ​​the village of Jalud has been witnessing, since the morning hours, an active movement of trucks carrying mobile homes, amid intensive presence of settlers and occupation forces in the region.

He explained, according to the PNN, that 50 of these houses are placed at the site of “Amihai” settlement in basin 16, known as “Mount Abu al-Rukhm”, to temporarily housing the residents of “Amona” until the completion of the new settlement.

Daghlas warned of the high rate of settlement and the seizure of more Palestinian land.