Palestinian Authority’s (PA) Minister of Foreign Affairs, Riyad Al-Malki, on Tuesday, said that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), comprising of dozens of Islamic and Arab nations, will convene on Wednesday, at the foreign ministers’ level over planned Israeli annexation of the West Bank.

Al-Malki said in a statement, that the upcoming conference is set to come out with a united stance against Israel’s plan to annex a large part of the Palestinian West Bank, noting that the plan is in itself very dangerous and threatens the prospect of peace in the region.

He emphasized that such Islamic and Arab nations must use their leverage to pressure the Israeli government not to go ahead with the annexation plan, expected to be implemented by early next month.

Israeli officials have recently announced Israel’s intention to subject the Al-Aghwar area of the West Bank, in the Jordan valley, to full Israeli sovereignty.

Such a move will deprive Palestinian farmers from the ability to cultivate their own rich agricultural lands, which provides much of the produce to the Palestinian population, across the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli plan has met widespread rejection by key international players, including the European Union (EU) and Russia. Palestinian factions, in response, unilaterally detached themselves from all previously-signed peace accords between Israel and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), including security coordination with the Israeli military.

Image: PNN