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Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Wednesday, February, 15, 2017.

Israeli troops demolish three Palestinian homes during invasions, as human rights groups report an increase of home demolishing by the Israeli army. These stories, and more, coming up, stay tuned.

Two Palestinian homes were demolished on Wednesday morning by Israeli forces at the town of Hizma in Jerusalem district.

Israeli troops stormed the small community and leveled a house and adjacent room that belongs to Abed Alaziz family leaving all eight members of the family homeless. Moreover soldiers destroyed an under contraction home that belongs to Uthman family from the town.

Local youth hurled stones at the invading forces in protest of the home demolishing. Israeli troops responded by firing rubber-coated steel bullets and showered the town with tear gas. Many residents surfed the effects of tear gas inhalation as a result.

Moreover, Israeli forces demolished on Wednesday a house in the Bedouin village of Al Zarora in the Negev. The demolishing left a disabled woman on a wheelchair homeless, local sources reported.

Since the start of 2017 Israeli occupation forces have demolished 177 Palestinian structures in the West Bank, The UN reported.

In most recent report by The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B’Tsalem, 2016 saw a marked increase in the number of homes Israeli authorities demolished throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, citing lack of building permits as a pretext.

In other news, Israeli soldiers abducted, on Wednesday at dawn, at least twenty Palestinians from their homes, after invading and violently searching them, in different parts of the West Bank.

The soldiers also confiscated twelve Palestinian cars in Husan town, west of Bethlehem, and three cars in Bil’in village, west of Ramallah, allegedly for being used to “transport protesters.”

In addition, the army claimed that it located, and confiscated, a home-made weapon during searches of homes in Kufur Ni’ma village, west of Ramallah.

And that’s all for today from the IMEMC News; this was the Wednesday, February, 15, 2017, news round-up from the Occupied Palestinian Territories. From more news and updates, please visit our website at today’s report has been brought to you by George Rishmawi and me Ghassan Bannoura.