Palestinian Detainee in Critical Condition

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15 Jan
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Palestinian detainee Sufyan Asskafee, 35, is hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Sharai Tsidk hospital, and in critical condition, Kareem Ajwaj, lawyer of Commission of detainees and ex-detainees affairs warned, on Monday.

Ajwa noted, according to Al Ray, that Skafee has been using respiratory equipment to breathe, is in critical condition, as he was shot by Israeli forces two days ago.

The commission explained that Skafee was shot last Friday, with live bullets, in his abdomen and feet, near the so-called “Jabbera” investigation center, near the Halhoul area, which is closed to the settlement of Kiryat Arba, located on the land and property of citizens of Hebron.

The commission noted that the detainee suffers from psychological and behavioral disorders, and that he is the only bread winner of six family members.

He noted that Ofar military court is to hold a hearing without his presence , because of his critical health condition.

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