A Palestinian detainee who has served 33 years of a 39-year prison sentence in Israeli jails, for acts of resistance to the Israeli occupation, was warned by the prison administration of severe punishment should he publish a book he wrote in prison, the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) said on Tuesday.

According to the PPS, Walid Dakka, a Palestinian from inside Israel, who was severely punished, previously, after publishing an Arabic language book called “The Story of the Secret of Oil”, was told that he would be put in isolation if he goes ahead and publishes another book.

The prison administration banned Dakka from family visits for two months, confiscated all his books and writings, fined him 500 Israeli shekels (approximately $135), and moved him from one prison to another as a punishment for publishing the book.

A PPS attorney who visited Dakka in prison said, according to WAFA, that the prison administration is threatening more severe punishment against Dakka if he publishes the new book, of which it claimed failure in monitoring in making it possible for the prisoner to get his writings out of prison.

PPS director Qaddoura Faris condemned the Israeli threats against Dakka, saying that Israel is waging a war against prisoners, even in their writings.

Dakka is one of the longest serving Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails. He was arrested in 1986 and sentenced to 39 years in prison.