Israeli soldiers released, Monday, a Palestinian man who was abducted by the army during a nonviolent procession against the constant violations by the soldiers and the illegal colonialist settlers against their village, Umm al-Kheir, near Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

Fuad al-‘Amour, the coordinator of the Protection and Steadfastness Committee in the Southern Hebron Hills, said many soldiers invaded the village, before storming the home of Suleiman al-Hathalin.

Al-‘Amour added that the soldiers assaulted the man, before abducting him, and moved him to a military base in Karmiel illegal colony, which was built on Palestinian lands.

The abducted man was interrogated for a few hours before the soldiers threatened severe punishment if he continues to protest against the occupation and the constant attempts by illegal colonialist settlers and the Israeli government to confiscate more Palestinian lands in the area.

Al-‘Amour also said that the likely reason behind the detention and interrogation of the man is because, in a recent protest, he climbed onto an Israeli military jeep and refused to step down until the soldiers return two illegally confiscated cars to their Palestinian owners.

It is worth mentioning that Umm al-Kheir village was established in the 1960’s by Bedouin Palestinians who became refugees in the year 1948 after being forced out of their community, Tal Arad in the Negev Desert, during the establishment of Israel in the historic land of Palestine.

The lands where Umm al-Kheir is located are part of the Palestinian town of Yatta, eight kilometers south of Hebron city.