The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Friday, called on the international community to provide protection for the Palestinian people, amidst growing concerns over the widely-spread Coronavirus worldwide, including the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel.

The call came in response to a recent series of attacks, carried out by colonial Israeli settlers, against Palestinian-owned property in different parts of the occupied West Bank.

In a statement, issued Friday, the ministry pointed out that such stepped up attacks are being carried out with full protection by the Israeli occupation army and other Israeli intelligence services.

The statement noted that all the locations, from which the colonial armed settlers unleash their attacks on the Palestinian population, are well-known to the Israeli military and the intelligence apparatus.

“The spread of Coronavirus, across Israel, has not helped the Israeli military establishment reconsider it’s preventive measures to prevent occurrence of settlers’ attacks on Palestinian residents and their properties”, the statement further read.

The ministry explained that at this time Israel should be making sure that their ‘illegal’ colonial settlers do not attack Palestinians, as the Palestinian Authority has been engaged recently in curbing the Coronavirus, with dozens of cases discovered in some Palestinian cities and towns that are adjacent to colonial Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Israel turns a blind eye to those attacks.

It also called on all concerned international bodies, including the World Health Organization (WHO), to promptly send aid to the Palestinian people, in order to battle the Coronavirus.

A part of the appeal by the Foreign Ministry was to other legal international bodies, in a way that would curb provocative and harmful actions, carried out by colonial Israeli settlers.

Friday’s statement comes within the context of a series of attacks by colonial Israeli settlers, the latest of which were reported in the city of Tubas, where settlers attacked farmers, obstructing their daily works, while in Hebron, Israeli soldiers reportedly spit on Palestinian-owned vehicles.

Image: Days of Palestine