Dr. Saeb Erekat, Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO), pronounced Friday that the so-called U.S. “Deal of the Century” is “more about dictations and not a peace agreement that maybe reached through negotiations.”

In Ramallah City, central occupied West Bank, a delegation of 50 high-profile U.S. dignitaries met with Secretary General Erekat, representing the U.S. academic, political, cultural, economic, and civil society.

Erekat was quoted “A deal may mean that a party agrees to sell its property as a result of bankruptcy, that is, it entails a winning party and a loser, on the other hand, a peace treaty means an agreement between two or more parties.”

Erekat reiterated that any deals ignoring international resolutions, or not including a sovereign Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, will be rejected.

With regards to the U.S. administration’s decisions about Jerusalem, UNRWA, and the Golan Heights, Erekat declared them “null and void, and flagrant violations of international law.”

U.S. declaration of the Syrian Golan Heights as Israeli territory has led to conjecture that the occupied Palestinian territories may be next.

President Trump’s unyielding support for Israel has driven the Palestinians to cut all contacts with the U.S., proclaiming it to be incapable of mediating the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, especially after Trump closed the Palestinian Diplomatic Mission office in Washington D.C.