The Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) described the decision of the Israeli occupation court, on Wednesday, to hold the leader of the Front, MP Khaleda Jarrar, under administrative detention for 6 months, as a systematic Israeli crime against the leaders of the Palestinian people.

In a press statement, the Front said that the decision against MP Jarrar and before against the women activist Khitam Saffin, is an attempt to silence the voice against Israeli occupation and the authoritarian approach, where the security coordination represents its most devastating features.

The Front stressed, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, that this systematic and continuous targeting against leaders of the Popular Front, led by the MP Khaleda Jarrar, will not succeed in weakening the inherent resistance and that PELP leaders will remain “a thorn in the Israeli occupation’s throats” and “a disgrace on the forehead of the security coordination”.

PELP called the Palestinian people to escalate the mass marches to support both and female detainees in Israeli prisons, and to protest against administrative detention procedures, which reflects the criminal image of Israeli occupation.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested the PFLP leader Jarrar on the 2nd of July, and confiscated a number of her personal belongings, including a laptop and a mobile phone, after raiding her house in Ramallah. According to the Amnesty International, Jarrar was beaten during and after her arrest.

The Israeli military court extended the detention of Jarrar, who is a senior leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, for 48 hours in order to either prepare an indictment against her or hold her in administrative detention.