The Palestine Prisoner’s Society (PPS) reported that Israel is holding captive at least 9,300 Palestinian political prisoners in various prisons, detention centers, and interrogation facilities.

The PPS stated that among the detainees are 250 children and 75 women, held under the same difficult conditions, and are subject to constant violations.

PPS also mentioned that the figure encompasses detainees from the Gaza Strip, with thousands estimated to be among those detained, including 899 Palestinians from Gaza classified as “unlawful combatants” by the Israeli occupation Prison Service, with no access to any legal representation, subject to torture, abuse, and many have died due to torture and after being denied medical attention.

As for the Administrative Detainees, PPS stated that over 3,400 Palestinians are currently under these arbitrary orders, allowing their continued detention without charge or trial based on what Israel alleges secret files or undisclosed evidence,

Administrative Detainees are frequently slapped with detention orders ranging from three to six months that can and are frequently renewed without charges or legal process.

Among the 3,400 Palestinians under administrative detention, there are approximately 600 detainees who are already serving life terms on previous charges or those who are still held under the Administrative Detention orders and are facing the possibility of being sentenced to life terms after the Israeli occupation authorities determined the “charges against them.

It is worth mentioning that it remains extremely difficult to know the exact number of Palestinians who are taken prisoner in the Gaza Strip amidst the ongoing Israeli onslaught on the coastal region, as those numbers could be much higher.

Since October 7. 2023, Israel has killed at least 37.347 Palestinians, and injured more than 85.372, in addition to abducting at least hundreds of Palestinians in various parts of the Gaza Strip.

In the West Bank, Israeli forces have now killed 549 Palestinian civilians, including 135 children, and injured at least 5,200 others, in various regions of the occupied West Bank, since the beginning of the military onslaught against the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023.