Ramallah 7-30-2023 WAFA – The Commission for Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs said today, Sunday, that minor prisoners in Israeli prisons and detention centers suffer from harsh and inhuman conditions of detention that lack the minimum international standards for children’s rights.

According to the lawyer, Heba Ighbariya, the authority explained that the suffering includes all aspects of life and living, such as lack of food and its poorness, lack of hygiene, the spread of insects, detention in rooms without adequate ventilation and lighting, high temperatures, medical neglect and lack of health care, cut off from the outside world, and deprivation of life.

Visiting the families, in addition to the verbal abuse, beating, isolation, and intimidation when storming the departments in a frightening and terrifying manner.

It indicated that the number of minor prisoners in the occupation prisons exceeds 170, 48 of whom are in the juvenile section of Damon Prison, and that targeting and pursuing children is a dangerous indicator, through which the occupation authorities seek to terrorize the young generation, sow fear within it, and pressure it psychologically.

The conditions of detention of the youths are comparable in cruelty to what the adult prisoners go through in prisons.

The Commission affirmed that these attacks confirm the brutality of the prison administration against prisoners of all ages, in the absence of human rights institutions, and the renunciation of all humanitarian treaties and covenants.