The administration of Orif Secondary School, in Orif town, southwest of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, had to shut the school down, and sent the students to their homes when illegal Israeli colonialist settlers attacked it, and Israeli soldiers fire live rounds into the education facility.

Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian official who monitors Israel’s colonialist activities in northern West Bank, said a group of colonists attacked the school, in addition to attempting to assault schoolchildren trying to enter the facility.

Daghlas added that Israeli soldiers, who arrived at the scene, fired many live rounds into the school campus, apparently to stop the schoolchildren from protesting the invasion.

Fearing for the lives of the students, and further escalation, the school had to shut down for the day, and sent the students to their homes.

In related news, Israeli soldiers prevented five female teachers from entering Beit Iksa town, north of occupied East Jerusalem, while on their way to the local government-run Secondary School for Girls.

The school day was interrupted by the attack, while the teachers in coordination with the Education Ministry, headed to a school in Biddu nearby village.