Illegal Israeli colonizers attacked, on Tuesday, Palestinians and their properties in various areas of the occupied West Bank, injuring three, according to local sources.

Media sources said that illegal Israeli colonizers, on Tuesday evening, hurled rocks at Palestinian-owned vehicles in the villages of Burqa and Sebastia, northwest of Nablus, in the northern occupied West Bank, damaging a number of them.

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They added that the settlers attacked a Palestinian-owned home on the outskirts of Burqa village, while firing live rounds. No injuries or damage was reported.

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Dozens of settlers were reported gathering on the road between Jenin and Nablus, throwing rocks at Palestinian-owned vehicles, leading to damage to a number of them.

In the central occupied West Bank, Israeli settlers invaded farm lands belonging to Palestinians, and grazed their sheep, in the village of Burqa, east of Ramallah.

In the southern part of the West Bank, illegal colonizers gathered, on Tuesday evening, at the entrance to Beit Einun, north of Hebron, in the southern West Bank, and hurled rocks at vehicles.

Other settlers gathered at the southern “Al-Fahs” junction in the south, assaulting Palestinian citizens. There were no reports of injuries.

In the city of Dura, southwest of Hebron, illegal settlers from the nearby “Negohot” colony, hurled rocks, on Tuesday, at Palestinian-owned vehicles, smashing windows of some of them, without causing any injuries.

According to a local official who monitors Israeli violations in southern West Bank, Rateb Jabour, Israeli settlers injured, on Tuesday, three Palestinians in At-Tuba village, in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron.

In a press statement, Jabour said that, “the settlers attacked the house of Omar Muhammad Abu Jundiyeh, and assaulted him, his wife, and his child, and they were sprayed with pepper gas and beaten, which led to bruises.”

Furthermore, Fouad Amour, the coordinator of the Protection and Resilience Committee, said that the settlers were provided full protection by the occupation army, during the attack.