Israeli settlers have reportedly stolen olive crops gathered from land belonging to farmers from the village of Deir Sharaf, to the northwest of Nablus, a Palestinian official said on Monday.

Ghassan Daghlas, the Palestinian Authority official in charge of the settlements file in the northern occupied West Bank, told WAFA that the farmers discovered, when they returned Monday morning, to their lands located inside the border fence of Shavi Shomron settlement, to continue with the olive harvest, that their crop from the night before was missing.

He said that the farmers had a permit from the Israeli government to harvest their olive crops on land located inside the settlement fence for a few days, and for certain hours a day.

However, they believe that settlers from Shavi Shomron came to their land during the night and stole the harvest.

The farmers normally leave their crop on the land and collect it at one time, at the end of the harvest period.

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