As Donald Trump faced day eight of his trial for abuse of power in the US Senate, he and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu unveiled their ‘Deal of the Century’ in which Israel will essentially annex Palestine and push Palestinians into tiny reservations. Protests immediately broke out in Gaza and the West Bank.

Under the Trump-Kushner plan, the Israeli military will continue to control the entire territory, Israel would annex the land in the West Bank it had settled illegally by military force, and Palestinians in Jerusalem would be further disenfranchised. No Palestinian leaders were consulted in the creation of this plan.

Netanyahu, who is himself facing charges of corruption, applauded the Trump-Kushner plan, which provides for Israel to take over stolen Palestinian land in direct violation of international law.

Thousands of Palestinians protested the plan, chanting “Not for sale”. The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that the Palestinian leadership rejects the plan.