On Thursday, the Israeli army continued the bombardment of various parts of the besieged, devastated, and densely populated Gaza Strip, killing dozens of Palestinians and injuring hundreds, while Gaza hospitals are running out of supplies and are unable to cope with the large numbers of casualties as Israel continues its onslaught since October 7.

The army fired many missiles at a residential bloc in Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza, bombing homes for the families of Abu Al-Qumsan, At-Tallouli, Abu Dan, and Abu Dayer residential buildings, in addition to one bakery, killing more than eleven Palestinians and wounding dozens.

The Palestinians are still looking under the rubble of bombarded homes and buildings, trying to locate potential survivors under the rubble.

The Israeli army also fired missiles at a building in Jabalia, in northern Gaza, killing and wounding many Palestinians.

Furthermore, an Israeli missile killed at least three Palestinians and injured several others in the Al-Fallujah area in Jabalia refugee camp.

On its part, the Indonesian Hospital in Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza, said it became unable to treat wounded Palestinians, especially after dozens of residents were injured by Israeli missiles, many seriously, in addition to various bombing attacks the army conducted in its vicinity.

In Khan Younis, in the Gaza Strip’s southern part, Israeli missiles killed ten Palestinians and wounded many others in a home in the Al-Qarara area, east of the city.

In Rafah, in southern Gaza, the army fired missiles at a home west of the city, in addition to many homes in the Sheikh Radwan area and Al-Jala’ Street in Gaza City, killing three and wounding several others.

Several Palestinians, who fled their homes in northern Gaza, were also killed by and Israeli missile in an area, east of Rafah city.

Many Palestinians were also killed and injured when an Israeli missile that struck a home for the Jaber family in the Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said its medics and ambulances remain surrounded in the Al-Ahlai Baptist Hospital in the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City while the army continues to fire shells and missiles around it.

The PRCS added that many slain and wounded Palestinians remain on the ground nearly thirty meters away from the medical facility, but the medics are unable to reach them.

On Thursday evening, hospitals in northern Gaza and Gaza City stopped working after running out of supplies due to Israel’s constant bombardment and siege, while the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, the Shifa Medical Center in Gaza, and the Indonesian Hospital in Beit Lahia in northern Gaza, are facing dire conditions due to Israel’s siege and the tanks around the medical centers, while several Israeli tanks surrounded the Jordanian field hospital.

The Qatar-based Al-Jazeera quoted Dr. Ashraf Al-Qedra, the spokesperson of Gaza’s Health Ministry stating: “thousands of women, children, sick and wounded are in danger of death” as Israeli raids on al-Shifa continue for a third night.

Israel has now killed at least 11500 Palestinians, including more than 4700 children and 3155 women, and injured about 29000, mainly women and children, in the Gaza Strip since its onslaught on the coastal region began October 7.