Beginning on Thursday night and continuing through to dawn Friday, Israeli forces invaded many neighborhoods in the northern West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp, killing three and injuring at least eleven others, some seriously. The army also abducted at least seven Palestinians and detonated several Palestinian cars.

The identities of the young men who were killed in the Israeli drone strike on the Al-Hawashin neighborhood in the Jenin camp are, Mohammad Al-Azmi, Bahaa Al-Lahlouh, and Mohammad Obaid Al-Fallu.

A large military force, with at least eighty armored vehicles, including military bulldozers, invaded the city of Jenin from several axes, closed all entrances, and deployed soldiers in many neighborhoods and in the vicinity of the refugee camp.

The army stormed the Jabal Abu Dheir, Al-Jabriyyat, Khallet Al-Souha, Talat Al-Ghabz neighborhoods, the outskirts of the Jenin refugee camp, the cinema roundabout, the Interior roundabout, the city center, Military Street, and Haifa Street, and positioned sharpshooters on the rooftops of Palestinian-owned homes and residential buildings.

Military reconnaissance drones circled the city’s sky, while a power outage and a disruption in communications were reported in several neighborhoods and around the refugee camp.

D-9 military bulldozers tore up streets in the city and in the outskirts of the camp, causing damage to infrastructure and several vehicles.

The violent incursion sparked protests and fierce resistance among the local Palestinian youths and armed resistance fighters, who exchanged live fire with the attacking army and employed crude explosive devices against the armored military vehicles.

Israeli forces shot and seriously injured at least two Palestinian young men who were subsequently transported to hospitals in the city.

Tear gas canisters were fired heavily at local Palestinians who opposed the attack, in addition to storming and firing tear gas in the vicinity of the Jenin Governmental Hospital, causing several people to sustain inhalation injuries.

In the predawn hours of Friday, Israeli forces stormed a home in the Jabriyyat neighborhood, detonated several vehicles, and abducted six Palestinian young men, in addition to abducting one from the refugee camp.

Soldiers abducted Muhammad Samir Al-Rakh, Qism Jabarin, Muhammad Al-Amer, Saeed Rifqi Al-Rakh, Ahmed Rifqi Al-Rakh, Sami Abu Al-Rakaz, while a former prisoner, Majdi Abu Jalda, was abducted from his home in the camp.

Later, armed Israeli drones bombarded at least one area in the camp, killing three and injuring nine, some seriously, while soldiers blocked ambulance crews from approaching the wounded.

[Video from Palestine TV]

Before dawn Friday, the occupation army demanded the immediate evacuation of the Ibn Sina Hospital in the city after having surrounded it for several hours, in addition to having the Jenin Governmental Hospital besieged for at least seven hours.

Dr. Wissam Sbeihat, the Director General of the Ministry of Health in Jenin, said in a press statement that the army had besieged the hospital, and prevented ambulances from entering the emergency department.

Soldiers searched ambulances, and ordered over loudspeakers for hospital staff to evacuate the hospital, forcing paramedics to exit the hospital with their hands raised in the air, searching them and abducting two of them.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) announced that their crews had been detained by the soldiers for more than an hour in front of the Ibn Sina Hospital.