On Friday dawn, the Israeli army continued the firing of missiles and shells into various parts of the densely populated and devastated Gaza Strip, killing dozens of Palestinians and wounding hundreds.

The Israeli army continued its destruction inside the Shifa Medical Centers in Gaza and the firing of hundreds of live rounds.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers were seen moving the corpses of dozens of slain Palestinians, mainly those killed in earlier Israeli attacks, to an unknown destination.

They added that the army is interrogating workers, including medical personnel, at the hospital, which remains surrounded and isolated without electricity, water, or food.

At least forty Palestinians were killed and buried under the rubble of their homes after Israeli missiles targeted them in the same area.

Furthermore, three Palestinians were killed, and dozens were injured by Israeli missiles targeting a home for the Kahwaji family in the center of Bani Soheila, east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, ten Palestinians were killed, and dozens injured when the army fired a missile at a home in Al-Qarara, east of Khan Younis.

Nine Palestinians were killed, and many were injured by Israeli missiles near Rafah Border Terminal, southeast of Rafah city in the southern part of the coastal enclave.

The nine were also family members identified as Sa’id Ahmad Abu Jarad Irmeilat, Osama Musallam Abu Jarad Irmeilat, Odai Musallam Abu Jarad Irmeilat. Mohammad Faraj Abu Jarad Irmeilat, Karam Faraj Abu Jarad Irmeilat, Abdullah Fathi Abu Jarad Irmeilat, Ammar Abu Sosein and Daoud Abu Shallouf.

In addition, Israeli missiles killed and injured many Palestinians who initially fled their homes in northern Gaza after targeting them in an area east of Rafah City.

In Jabalia, in northern Gaza, eleven Palestinians were confirmed dead, and many remain buried under the rubble amidst ongoing efforts to locate them when the army bombarded an entire residential bloc in Jabalia refugee camp.

The Israeli army also fired a missile at Nama’ Radio in Jabalia, causing many casualties after the missile leveled the buildings.

In Gaza City, at least three Palestinians were killed, and several others injured when an Israeli missile targeted a home in the Sheikh Radwan area.

Furthermore, the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli missiles in Jabalia refugee camp, late Thursday, has reached eighteen, including many women and children, while rescue efforts continued despite Israeli shelling.

On Thursday, the Israeli army continued the bombardment of various parts of the besieged, devastated, and densely populated Gaza Strip, killing dozens of Palestinians and injuring hundreds, while Gaza hospitals are running out of supplies and are unable to cope with the large numbers of casualties as Israel continues its onslaught since October 7.

At the time of the previous report, the number of confirmed slain Palestinians was at least 11500 Palestinians, including more than 4700 children and 3155 women, in addition to 29000, mainly women and children, in the Gaza Strip since its onslaught on the coastal region began October 7.