Israeli settlers and soldiers (archive image)

Twelve Palestinians were injured, Saturday, when Israeli colonizers and soldiers invaded Burin village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, attacked homes, and burned trees.

Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian official who monitors Israel’s illegal colonialist activities in northern West Bank, said dozens of colonizers invaded the town, before attacking a home, owned by Ibrahim Adel Eid, in the eastern part of Burin.

He added that the Palestinians from the town, gathered near the property to repel the attack before the colonizers assaulted them with batons, wounding four.

Daghlas also stated that Israeli soldiers invaded the town, and fired gas bombs and concussion grenades at the Palestinians, causing at least eight to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation, instead of removing the invading colonizers.

Furthermore, the colonizers invaded farmlands in Burin, and set them ablaze, before the Palestinians rushed to extinguish the fire.