Two Palestinian families from Silwan, in the occupied Palestinian capital Jerusalem, were forced to demolish their homes, after the city council constantly refused to license them, and had to resort to the destroying their own properties to avoid the excessively high fines and fees.

The first property is owned by Palestinians of the al-Abbassi family who said that they built the house seven months ago, to shelter themselves and added that the property was built on their privately-owned land.

Despite all attempts to obtain the needed permits, the City Council of occupied Jerusalem decided to demolish it, and the family’s lawyer managed to postpone the demolition until August 21st.

However, the City Council informed the family, through its lawyer, that there is nothing else they can do, and that their home will be demolished, and the family will be billed for the destruction, the equipment, and all additional fines and fees.

On Friday, the family decided to proceed with the demolition in an effort to avoid all additional costs, fines, and fees.

The family said they had no other choice but to build the 40 square/meter home without a permit, as they needed to place to live and the City Council constantly rejected all permit applications.

Several months ago, the City Council in occupied Jerusalem demolished residential and commercial structures owned by the family, and imposed a fine of more than 200.000 Israeli Shekels, in addition to billing them for the cost of the demolitions.

In addition, the family of Ehab ‘Eqiel from Karm ash-Sheikh neighborhood in Silwan, was also forced to demolish its home, which was constructed in April of this year.

The property, only 80 square/meters, was built using reinforced steel, providing shelter for the Palestinian and his family, and was built on their own lands.

After the property was installed, the young man was summoned for interrogation, and was later informed that there will be a court hearing regarding the property, however, the soldiers invaded his home, last Sunday, and told him he needed to demolish the property within four days. The family started the demolition on Thursday night after midnight and continued the work until dawn hours, Friday.