Palestinian rescue services continued their efforts on Sunday afternoon to rescue more civilians from the rubble of the homes struck by Israeli missiles. Israeli airstrikes on al-Wehda Street in the al-Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City started before dawn on Sunday and continued until the early hours of the morning.

According to the Health Ministry, most of the bodies pulled out of the rubble are children, bringing the death toll to thirty-seven, among them 8 children and 13 women. 50 more people were injured, among these were many women and children.

Medical sources said that ambulance and civil defense teams are carrying out searches under the rubble until the time of this report and numbers may increase as search and rescue operations continue.

Update May 16, 2021, @11:40 p.m.: A Palestinian woman, identified as Raja’ Sobhi Abu al-Auf, her daughters, Dima Rami Abu al-Auf, 16, and Mira, and her sons Amir and Yazan, were killed when the army fired missiles into Abu al-Auf residential tower in the al-Wihda Street in Gaza city.

A child, identified as Diana Ziad Abu al-Auf, remains in a critical condition.

These are the names of the killed that have been identified so far:

  1. Riyad Hasan IshKinatna, and her five children
  2. Dr. Mo’in Ahmad Al-Aloul, 66 years old – a neurologist and brain specialist
  3. Luay Mohammad Oudeh, 54 years old
  4.  Hazem Adel Al-Qama, 48 years old
  5. Dr. Ayman Abu Al-Auf, 50 years old and his children
  6. Tala Ayman Abu Al-Auf, 12
  7. Tawfiq Ayman Abu Al-Auf, 18
  8. Omar Ayman Abu Al-Auf
  9. Rawan Ala’ Abu Al-Auf, 19 years old
  10. Shaimaa Ala’ Abu Al-Auf.
  11. Tawfiq Ismael Abu al-Auf
  12. Sabha Isamel Abu Al-Auf
  13. Majdiyya Abu Al-Auf. (Tawfiq’s wife)
  14. Ayman Tawfiq Abu Al-Auf
  15. Reem Ahmad Abu Al-Auf. (Ayman’s wife)
  16. Raja’ Sobhi Abu Al-Auf.
  17. Dima Rami (al-Efranji) Aba Al-Auf. (Raja’s daughter), 16
  18. Mira Rami Abu Al-Auf. (Raja’s daughter)
  19. Yazan Rami Abu Al-Auf. (Raja’s son)
  20. Amir Rami Abu Al-Auf. (Raja’s son)
  21. Amal Jamil Al-Qolaq, 34 years old
  22. Sameh Fawaz Al-Qolaq, 28 years old
  23. Saadia Youssef Al-Qolaq, 28 years old
  24. Izzat Moeen Al-Qolaq, 44 years old
  25. Adham Ezzat Al-Qolaq, 3 years old
  26. Qusay Sameh Al-Qolaq, 1 year old
  27. Abdul Hamid Fawaz Al-Qolaq, 22 years old
  28. Amin Mohammad Al-Qolaq, 85 years old
  29. Mohammad Awni Al-Qolaq, 17 years old
  30. Ayat Ibrahim Al-Qolaq, 19 years old
  31. Ahmad Shukri Al-Qolaq, 17 years old
  32. Reham Fawaz Al-Qolaq, 30 years old
  33. Fawaz Shukri Al-Qolaq, 55 years old