Close to four hundred Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails have ended their week long hunger strike Monday following a deal with the Israel Prison Service (IPS), reported the Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees Commission.

Spokesman for the commission, Majdi Adra told Wafa News that delegates for prisoners in the southern Israeli Ramon prison met with the IPS over the last several days, resulting in the prisoners committing to halt all protest activity.

The cell-phone jamming device issue, which was of great importance to prisoners at Naqab and and Ramon prisons was held off until the phones are installed.

The IPS agreed to install public phones, for use by the detainees 3 days per week, and the fines charged to those prisoners involved in the latest ‘unrest’ will be decreased by nearly half.

The prisoners will be allowed to return to their cells in the Negev Detention Camp, after being relocated following the unrest.

The understanding comes just before hundreds of additional detainees were planning to join the hunger strike on April 17th to mark Palestinian Prisoners Day.