The Committee on Foreign Affairs of the US House of Representatives, yesterday, approved a law against the Hamas movement practicing what it called “terrorist activities,” and claimed that it used Gaza civilians as human shields.

Members of the committee stressed that there must be a financial siege on Hamas, and that sanctions must be imposed on whoever supports it, adding that its international financial transactions must be monitored.

Republican Representative Ed Royce said that, from the moment the law was put into debate, Qatar, which has been hosting Saleh al-Arori since he was ousted from Turkey in 2016, has arranged for him and another group of leaders to leave the country.

Royce claimed that Hamas blatantly ignores the lives of Palestinians it is supposed to represent by using them as human shields in times of conflict.

The resolution was drafted with the assistance of the American-Israel Public Relations Committee (AIPAC).

The committee also approved the law of cutting financial aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA)  if it continues to pay the prisoners’ allowances.

Members of the Committee unanimously voted on the bill, paving the way for a vote by all members of the Council.

The law, named after former US soldier Taylor Fors, who was killed in an operation in March 2016, also passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in August, and is expected to be approved by the two chambers of Congress in the coming weeks.

To become law, the bill must pass the full House and Senate, and be signed into law by President Donald Trump.

The project (HR 1164) was presented to the US Congress on February 16, PNN further reports.

The copy of yesterday’s version includes an exception to the support for East Jerusalem hospitals and water projects in the West Bank, one of the issues promoted by US President Donald Trump to resume the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, as well as financing child vaccination.

“With this legislation, we will force the Palestinian Authority to choose between US aid and these morally unacceptable policies,” Roys said.

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